Marine Transit insurance with Trukky

Cover your risk with Marine transit insurance with Tumbrela to avoid any losses and end-to-end hassle-free process.

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Why Choose Tumbrela?

Marine cargo insurance shields any risk of damage or loss while transporting goods from one point to another. It is advisable to cover your risks irrespective of the assurance offered by carrier/ Transport companies as a lot of risks like damage due to accident, mishandling while loading and unloading, road conditions, etc are not in control of transporters and Most Transporters only offers Owner’s risk service with limited liability.

What is effecting your marine transit insurance premium?

Cargo Type

Based on the nature of the cargo and its tendency to incur any damage/loss during the transportation.

Mode of Transport

Risk and premium is associated with the trasportation mode and the cost varies accordingly.


The geography and the network efficiency affects the premium based on collected historic data.

Transit Duration

Number of days in transit also play an important role as more the transit days the higher the risks associated.

Claim experience

Convenience of insurance claim and automation of the process of claiming for damages.

Trusted Brand

The insurance providers must be the trusted brand and have a repute of facilitating the customers.