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Why the transit insurance is important?

The transit insurance of goods plays a key role in risk coverage. The whole process of getting well suitable transit insurance of goods also needs a lot of paperwork and activity.

Tumbrela provides an online facility, to get transit insurance of goods with a simple, paperless process. The price structure of goods in transit insurance from Trucky is compatible with other renowned insurance companies.

Tumbrela is the name, as one of the most trustable insurance providers throughout India, with the best risk coverage, quick claim policy, and the lowest premium range. Tumbrela provides goods in transit cover, under different insurance plans. Your transit insurance is covering maximum risks through Trukky insurance by one of the leading and the most trusted insurance company in India.

Marine transit insurance has become easier with Trukky insurance and can be booked within seconds through your mobile device or computers in just 3 simple steps where you add your details, get a quote and pay safely online to generate policy instantly online. This simple process makes your goods secure from theft and any transit damage. You can save the Cost value of your goods by insuring and paying a minimum percentage of your asset value.

The same ease is provided in claiming your insurance where you get the opportunity of an earlier claim through Trukky insurance, the process is as simple as getting your insurance. The goods gets insured and in case of any damages or loss, you get your claim value as per policy sooner.

What do Goods in Transit Insurance cover?

The in-transit insurance coverage is generally available against the losses due to natural disasters i.e, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, river floodings, etc.; theft & damages; riots & civil commotion; fire, explosions & derailment; damages caused in the loading/unloading process and non-delivery of goods on the destination. However, the relevant insurance plan describes details of risk coverage.

What is Goods inland Transit insurance claims procedure?

Trukky provides 3 steps online procedure, to get inland transit insurance which includes entering the cargo details, price quotation by Trukky, and acceptance of the quoted amount.

How do I buy goods in transit insurance?

The in-transit insurance can be obtained by confirming to buy the quoted amount and making the subsequent payment through a secured online payment gateway.

Who can Buy Transit Insurance Policy?

Any person or entity who keeps direct or indirect stakes in the goods in transit, and wants to ensure that the goods should reach the destination, safely in all respect.

What documents are required to file a claim for a transit insurance policy?

To lodge a claim of damages in a transit insurance policy, you need to provide these documents. Insurance Policy; Packing List & Shipping Invoice; Original BL or Carriage contract; Landing remarks & Weightment Notes; Carrier Notification.

Can the partial loss of cargo be claimed under transit insurance?

Yes, partial loss of goods can be claimed under transit insurance. It depends upon the insurance clause applicable to coverage.

Does transit insurance cover damages caused while loading and unloading the goods?

All types of insurance coverage are elaborated in the Policy and insurance plans. The risk coverage is also available, for any damage caused during the loading or unloading process.

What are the deductibles/excess in a transit insurance policy?

Any items or goods, specifically mentioned in the Policy documents or part of the Tumbrela policy will not include in the transit insurance policy.

Things to consider while Buying Transport Insurance online?

Before making a decision, you have to take care of, choosing the correct insurance plan, picking relevant insurance clauses, providing the complete detail of your goods, and studying the terms & conditions.

Is it safe to buy an insurance policy online from Tumbrela?

Tumbrela provides full safety about the authenticity of insurance Policy generated by their online system. Your payment is made through safe online gateway systems, of your choice.

When do I get my insurance policy documents?

When you complete the online processing of buying the insurance, under a simple procedure, and finally make the payment, you instantly get the insurance policy document. You just have to take a print of the insurance policy. The whole process does not take more than 3-5 minutes to complete.

How it works

Tumbrela provides an online process of obtaining transit insurance, in 3 simple steps by using your computer or mobile device.

Add Cargo Detail.

We need to have the basic details of your goods, like material type, category and pick & drop location.

Get Price:

You will get the instant price of the quote, which will base upon the cost of the material and nature of the plan you chose.

Buy Online:

You will accept the transit insurance cost, and pay online then and there. This is a safe process of 3 minutes.

How to claim

Raise Claim Request:

In case of whole or partial damage or get stolen, you will contact us from your mobile, by email, or by visiting the website and lodge your claim.

Claim Initiation Process:

M/s Bharti AXA will process your claim on behalf of Tumbrela, schedule the inspection within 48 to 72 hours. You just have to manage the required damage.

Get Claim:

You will receive the claim within 7-15 business days, from the date of collecting all documents and inspection is done.

Inclusion or exclusion

Trukky insurance is determined to help you with the coverage and safety of your in-transit goods. The insurance cover is provided under all the following circumstances

Inclusion in Transit Insurance

Natural Disaster, Theft or Malicious damage, Strikes, Riots, and Civil Commotion Fire, Explosion, and Derailment; Loading & unloading damage; Non-delivery or shortage.

Natural Disaster

The natural disasters are covered in your transit insurance policy like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, lightning, river or lake water entering.

Theft or Malicious damage

We also make sure that your goods in transit is insured from theft, malicious damage, or any other destruction.

Strikes, riots, and civil commotion

Any national or International SRCC issues prevailing during the freight route will also be insured.

Fire, explosion, and derailment

Any fire, explosion, in the conveyance or overturning, or derailment of conveyance collusion also allows you to file your damage claims.

Loading & unloading damage

Any damages incurred during loading and unloading of the goods and material are also covered in goods in a transit insurance policy.

Non-delivery or shortage

We get you fully covered if goods are not delivered, reached the wrong destination, or got a shortage of any item or material.

Exclusions on Transit Insurance

However, Trukky in transit insurance coverage is not available in these situations War, Riots, and civil commotion:

Normal leakage or wear and tear:

Delays in cargo delivery Incorrect packing; Inherent vice; Radioactive contamination.


We take you through a simple process of transit insurance where you do not get stuck in price and policy comparison. You get the best price on the best transit insurance policy.

Guide to buy Transit insurance

A major portfolio of trade and business comprises goods transportation, which needs the protection of assets from physical loss or damages. Several risks are involved during cargo travel from and to different parts of the world. The cost or value of these assets demands to pay off some amount, as transit insurance to cover all such risks. The uncertainties during travel by sea or air, cannot be ignored. The only possible way of averting such risks and damages is to get marine transit insurance.

Types of Transit Insurance:

Like other types of insurances including life insurance or health insurance, the goods insurance of goods is required to get the security of goods/assets from heavy damages & losses. Transit insurance has different types, based on their nature of coverage and limitations. Few of them are discussed here.

Land Transit Insurance:

This type of insurance is related to the goods when they are transported to land. Owing to land transportation, different vehicles are used to manage the goods to reach the destination within the country, safely. In this type of transit insurance, the cover of goods is provided on domestic terms and conditions. The insurance coverage is extended for theft, accidents, collisions & other risks.

Marine Transit Insurance:

Marine shipment is the transportation of goods, by sea or air. These insurances are normally permanent, but also continuing insurances. The transit shipment services provided by Tumbrela are relatively cheaper. Trukky provides more favorable insurance terms, for regular shippers. This type of insurance covers loading & unloading, inclementness, piracy, and other risks.

Importance of Transit Insurance:

The damages of goods caused by fire, strikes, accidents, loading & unloading faults and inefficient packaging are commonly known risks and do not fall under the liability of the carrier. All such losses are covered under marine transit insurance. In certain conditions, the term of general average is used by the carrier, while your asset is onboard. In that case, goods will not be delivered to you, till the calculation of salvage security and general average deposit. It may also lead to late or no delivery at all.

Therefore, you have to secure your goods with full insurance coverage. In case of damages, you have to ensure minimum losses. There are some unforeseen losses, which reduce the profits of your business. Your merchandise has to reach the destination, without facing damages. So, marine transit insurance for your assets is necessary.

Transit Insurance Coverage:

The marine insurance cover protects your goods, during sea shipment. The policies of marine coverage vary to provide safety against different risks. You as a merchandiser, need to study different types of insurance policies to safeguard your interest. You have to choose the best relevant coverage insurance policy, which is fit to save your business from possible transportation loss. This should be done well before shipping the merchandise.

Marine insurance provides the ultimate protection for your cargo. This particular insurance also covers possible damages due to rough sea and unfavorable weather, which may cause heavy jolting of the containers. Properly packaged goods and duly inspected can minimize the risk of brokerage. Your valuable assets need protection, right from the start of their journey towards their destination.

Limitations of Transit Insurance:

You have the opportunity to reduce or eliminate the risk of loss, to the merchandise being shipped with the ultimate purpose of selling and earning your business. However, there are certain limitations to transit insurance coverage. Mismanagement by the shipper and possible loss or brokerage, are some of these limitations. Other limitations include injury due to inadequate packaging, the inclusion of undesired things in the cargo, unsafe material, some types of fragile merchandise.

Insurance policies do not provide risk coverage in case of packaging errors or fixing fragile items or brokerage of unsafe items. Some unexpected policies and modes of transportation also include similar goods in transit insurance limitations. Few policies also do not cover the electronic goods of typical types.